Sestriere: 10 things to do

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What to do in Sestriere? What are the interesting places to visit? What to see in particular? Here are the 10 things to do in Sestriere
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Sestriere, also called the Pearl of Northern Italy, is located in the province of Turin, in the Via Lattea ski area.

This small town, located between Val Chisone and the picturesque Val di Susa, is a gem set on the hill of the same name. Not only is it a naturalistic treasure, but it is also the highest municipality in Italy.

Its privileged position has not gone unnoticed in the world of winter sports. Thanks to its harsh climate and the beauty of its slopes, Sestriere has been the setting for major sporting events. The 2006 Olympics are a historic chapter that has left an indelible mark on this resort, confirming its reputation as a prestigious destination in the heart of the Italian Alps.

Discover with Snowit 10 things to do in Sestriere.

1. Skiing in Sestriere

In the winter season, Sestriere is transformed for snow sports enthusiasts, welcoming skiers of all levels.

The Via Lattea ski area, a true dream for snow lovers, offers trails and itineraries suitable for everyone. In particular, Sestriere reveals itself as a true paradise for those who love to challenge the black slopes.

The famous Kandahar slope , extending over three kilometers and reaching an elevation gain of 914 meters, is an extraordinary experience. From an altitude of 2,800 meters, this thrilling slope is also open at night, allowing skiers to enjoy the thrill of the descent under the starry sky until 10 pm.

A perfect mix of adrenaline and spectacular scenery makes Sestriere an unforgettable winter destination for racers and beginners alike. WithSnowit you can rent the best equipment and hit the slopes right away!

Sestriere is the perfect destination where you can learn to ski or perfect your techniques of:

  • Alpine skiing and snowboarding, thanks to more than 400 km of slopes, a well-equipped snowpark and off-piste trails;
  • Mountaineering skiing on trails over 3 000 meters above sea level, with the support of mountain guides and ski instructors;
  • Heliskiing to reach extreme routes;
  • Cross-country skiing for training on trails and through snowy forests.

2. Try your hand at winter sports and more in Sestriere

In Sestriere, sportsmanship is sacred in every season.

At the Sestriere Sport Center, the town’s multipurpose hall, you can indulge yourself with a state-of-the-art gymnasium, squash courts, multi-purpose and a climbing wall. And if you want to catch your breath, there is also a fitness room at your disposal, and then enjoy a well-deserved rest with the spa available.

For those who are not ace skiers, winter in Sestriere is an invitation to explore forests and trails. You can join group snowshoe hikes and be enchanted by the magic of the snow.

But it doesn’t end there! At the edge of the ski slopes, sharpen your skates and experience the thrill of ice skating.

If you are looking for a unique nature experience, sleedog is the answer. It’s a different kind of adventure, driving a dog sled, with which to connect with the surrounding landscape.


And for those who like a little speed and adrenaline, Sestriere offers exciting snowmobile rides, ending with a delicious dinner at a mountain lodge.

From the beginning, Sestriere has shown an innate interest in golf, evidenced by the fact that one of the first installations was an 18-hole golf course, positioned at record altitude, the highest in Europe.

3. The Olympic Village

Sestriere served as the setting for the 2006 Olympic and Paralympic Games, carefully welcoming staff, athletes and companions in an environment designed to encourage preparation and interaction. As a true self-contained village, it provided everything necessary to ensure the comfort and concentration of guests during the competitions.

The legacy of this major event is reflected today in the modern and competitive accommodations in the area. Thanks to the tourism boost generated by the Olympics, Sestriere offers a wide range of accommodations, apartments and facilities ready to welcome visitors.

4. Cycling in Sestriere

After adventures on the slopes of Sestriere during the winter, lovers of cycling , whether road or mountain biking, find their passion here. In fact, Sestriere is an integral part of the Alpi Bike Resort circuit.

The routes are suitable both for those who wish to ride alone and for groups gathered in organized excursions. The trails are carefully selected according to the abilities of the participants, ensuring an experience suitable for every skill level.

In addition, there are also 8 chairlifts and 2 gondolas for those seeking only the thrill of the descent.

5. Hiking in Sestriere

The perfect alternative to take a deep breath of mountain air surrounded by an enchanting landscape is to go hiking: long walks accompanied by dinner at a mountain hut in winter or kayaking and rafting activities in summer.

One of the most recommended itineraries is the route from Sestriere to the Chisone stream, crossing the Val Troncea Nature Park.

6. Events and entertainment in Sestriere

With its sporting spirit, Sestriere welcomes skiing and cycling events and happenings, just think that it is a stage of the Giro d’Italia and part of the Tour de France. For those in the saddle, it will be interesting to know that it also hosts the Italian Downhill Cup, Tour dell’Assietta and Iron Bike.

Of course, from these events come others, real occasions and meeting points for sportsmen and women. Sestriere is not only sport, but also a lot of fun!

apres ski in sestriere

After a day on the slopes, the time comes to relax and indulge in an aperitif at the chalet, so the Garote Fashion Café is the place to be. Finally, at Tabata , with its rustic and elegant atmosphere, it is never too late to have fun and get together with friends.

Sestriere becomes the perfect location that frames evenings and events of pure entertainment. Why miss the opportunity?

7. The flavors of Piedmont

At the heart of the food and wine tradition of Sestriere, and more generally of Piedmont, are the Trofarello black cherries and bagna càuda: a condiment prepared with butter, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and salted anchovies.

The variety of flavors here embrace meats and cheeses accompanied by the local white truffle, but above all the wines, among the best in Piedmont and Italy.

8. Colle Sestriere

There is certainly no shortage of hiking to do on Colle Sestriere. Nestled among the imposing Cottian Alps, it is a naturalistic gem that wins the heart of anyone who visits it.

In fact, this alpine pass is the bridge between the Upper Susa Valley and the Chisone Valley.

colle sestriere

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, Colle Sestriere is home to no less than three nature parks on separate slopes. These parks open the door to a rich ecosystem and nature hikes to valleys, fortresses, Savoy residences, and local museums.

9. What to see in Sestriere

Among the things to do in Sestriere, there is definitely a walk through the town center.

The architecture does not go unnoticed. Despite being a town born in the early 20th century, it retains a modern architectural treasure that is still state-of-the-art, such as the Towers that stand out in the center.

From civil architecture we move on to religious architecture with the Church of St. Anthony Abbot and the Church of St. Edward.

10. What to see in the surrounding area

If Sestriere is not enough and you feel like exploring the surrounding area, in Val Chisone stands the Fort of Fenestrelle, and continuing into Val di Susa you reach Bardonecchia .

A few kilometers from the town, Pragelato hosted competitions in some disciplines during the 2006 Olympics. An interesting alternative is Claviere , but if you continue to France, there is the possibility of visiting Montgeneve .

Book your mountain vacation

If you are looking for a resort where you can spend your vacation in the name of sport, Sestriere is for you! Book your mountain adventure with Snowit to treat yourself to days on the slopes, as well as hiking, fun and dining with amazing views.

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