Recharge your energy for your next ski trip with Zespri

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Fuel up in the mountains with Zespri™, make your days sweet and fresh with SunGold™ kiwifruit.
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Have you planned your weekend in the mountains? If you don’t want to be caught unprepared, recharge your vitality with the right dose of fruit and vitamins with Zespri™ kiwis.

Zespri™ is the world’s largest producer of kiwifruit, accounting for 30 percent of the kiwifruit marketed in as many as 59 countries. It works synergistically with certified producers, companies and partners to ensure the highest quality of its fruit.

Zespri™‘s goal is to help people, communities and the environment thrive on the goodness of its kiwifruit.

Where can you find Zespri™ kiwifruit? In supermarkets, retail stores, and even at top fruit and vegetable stores. To enjoy your kiwis to the fullest at the table or in the office, you’ll find them in 100% reusable and recyclable packaging, so you too will contribute to Zespri™‘s “carbon positive” goal.

Each kiwi is selected so that you can enjoy all the benefits and more! Zespri™ scrupulously devotes its attention to each step of the production process, from cultivation to consumption on the table.

If you are looking for a product that is healthy, natural, and that is particularly suitable for sports nutrition, Zespri™ kiwis are the perfect fruit to enjoy at breakfast, as a snack, or for a sweet end to a meal-the natural choice for every moment of your day.

Get your fill of vitamin C with SunGold kiwifruit

During a training session, you need to have the right energy to cope with physical exertion. Skiing, especially, requires high energy expenditure, so it needs immediate sugar supplementation.

Fruit is the best,quick and especially sweet way to fully regain strength. Zespri™ pays attention to the well-being of its consumers by offering them fresh, healthy kiwifruit of exceptional quality.

In Italy you will find two varieties: Zespri™Green and the very sweet Zespri™ SunGold.

In addition to the classic Zespri™ Green, try Zespri™ SunGold: the kiwi with sweet, juicy yellow flesh. You recognize it by its unmistakable smooth skin and find it on the shelves from November to February for the fruit of Italian origin, and from May to October for the fruit of New Zealand origin.

Why choose this variety? The undisputed benefit of SunGold™ is the rich supply of vitamin C, higher than other fruits. Taking part in several scientific studies, Zespri™ demonstrates how its product benefits both body and mind.

In fact, vitamin C, as stated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), is the micronutrient to be taken every day, essential to strengthen the immune system and to give us vitality, contributing to normal psychological function.

So, all the features and benefits of Zespri™SunGold make it perfect for every sportsman, but especially for every mountain lover. It is known that altitude and cold make the stomach growl.

It’s perfect to give you energy from the morning by consuming it at breakfast, snack or at the end of a meal; to give a sweet touch to salads; to combine with other foods during your culinary experiments; to make desserts yummy, or simply to enjoy with a spoon.

Want to make your days sweet? Then you just have to choose SunGold™ to refresh you with its irresistible taste even in the snow.

Zespri in Cortina d’Ampezzo for the World Cup.

Vitamin load in the snow? You read that right! On the occasion of the Audit Ski Fis World Cup, Zespri™ will be present from January 26 to 28, 2024 to let you taste the incredible yellow-fleshed SunGold™.

Zespri™ is ready to delight you with its SunGold™ for three days during the Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup Stage. A mix of taste and fun in the company of the Kiwi Brothers, the iconic mascots who will entertain young and old alike by giving energy and vitality.

Where can you find Zespri™? Don’t miss the opportunity to taste and sweeten these three days in Cortina d’Ampezzo with a double date. You’ll find the Zespri™ booth on Corso Italia and a branded engagement in the Rumerlo Finish Area at the Village.

Would you like to enrich your days in the mountains with sweetness and an extra dose of vitamin C? Recharge your energy with SunGold™, Zespri™ is waiting for you in Cortina!

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