SnowitFlex: Snowit’s Pay Per Use ski pass that puts you in turbo mode

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SnowitFlex is coming! Snowit's pay-per-use ski pass that turbocharges you. Activate your subscription and pay only for the hours you skied.
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Want to enjoy a carefree ski season without having to worry about buying ski passes? Here comes SnowitFlex: the annual pass for only €5 instead of €12, allowing you to ski with total freedom. Your experience on the slopes becomes even easier with Snowit.

Activating your subscription is a breeze! Just load it onto the Snowitcard you already have.

If you do not yet have a Snowitcard , you can still subscribe and, during the purchase flow, decide whether to receive it at home or pick it up at one of the Snowit pick-up points.

There is no limit to your snow adventures with SnowitFlex!

How does SnowitFlex work?

Here is how SnowitFlex works:

1. Activate SnowitFlex.

To start your stress-free journey on the slopes, load your annual pass onto your favorite Snowitcard. Simply add a payment method and activate SnowitFlex. Once you make your Snowitcard choice, you can glide down the slopes on a pay-per-use basis at participating resorts.

2. Pay only for how much you ski

With SnowitFlex, the freedom to ski is in your hands. The first time you access the turnstiles, a pre-authorization equal to the amount of the day pass will be made, and the next day you will be charged only for the hours you actually skied, according to the ski pass rate applied by the resort and always at the best price. So, off to a carefree day on the snow!

At the end of your day on the slopes, the system calculates the hours you actually spent on the slopes and charges only the amount corresponding to the time you enjoyed. Everything is done according to the resort’s ski pass schedule, always guaranteeing the best possible price.

3. Keep everything under control

The “SnowitFlex subscriptions” section of your profile is your headquarters. Here, you will be able to take a look at all your skiing and check the related charges. Here, you will be able to take a look at all your skiing and check the related charges. In this way, you will have complete control over your snow fun, realizing firsthand that with SnowitFlex you pay only for the time you actually spend on the slopes and always at the most affordable rates.

snowitflex discount

All SnowitFlex locations

You can currently activate the SnowitFlex annual pass and ski as much as you want at the following resorts:

  • Aprica
  • Bardonecchia
  • Barzio Piani di Bobbio
  • Corno alle Scale
  • Folgaria
  • Livigno
  • Pontedilegno-Tonale
  • Valtorta – Piani di Bobbio

Stay up-to-date not only on the rates you find on the site, but especially on the resorts that are constantly being added. You will always have new destinations to discover and conquer with SnowitFlex!

The benefits of SnowitFlex

SnowitFlex is the online subscription that simplifies your experience on the slopes! By activating it once, it automatically renews every year. Don’t worry, you can cancel the automatic renewal at any time.

No more ski passes to buy or checkout lines to deal with! With SnowitFlex, you have total control over your time on the snow. Ski as much as you want, when you want, without having to think about anything.

Pay per use becomes automatic with SnowitFlex. Load your payment method during activation and you’re done! You’ll pay only for the actual time you spend on the slopes, at no additional cost.

Hit the slopes in total safety with Snowcare

Did you know that you can take out mandatory insurance on your SnowitFlex subscription as well?

With Snowcare, you can ski in total safety for as little as €3 per day. In fact, you can purchase your insurance coverage even for just one day along with your ski pass.

Snowcare is the liability insurance that protects yourself and protects you in case of injuries and damages caused to third parties on skis and snowboards. You can buy it online directly from your smartphone and it is active right away!

In case of injury or illness, Snowcare reimburses your ski pass, but not only that! The insurance also includes legal protection, piste rescue, emergency medical expenses, reimbursement for rental and lessons purchased but not enjoyed, and more!

Before purchasing your insurance, you can calculate a quote by choosing the type of coverage, duration, and number of people you need to insure.

snowitflex snowcare

Skiing has never been safer, and now you can add your Snowcare insurance coverage to your SnowitFlex subscription.

In the “SnowitFlex Subscriptions” section of your profile, you can activate your insurance with a simple “flag” and the daily cost of only €3 is automatically charged to your ski total. If you already have seasonal or annual insurance that suits you, no problem! Just remove the flag and enjoy the slopes with your insurance coverage With Snowcare, every ski trip is a safe adventure!

With Snowcare, every ski trip is a safe adventure!

Snowit’s Pay Per Use ski pass: organize your days on the slopes with SnowitFlex

SnowitFlex is the key to direct access to the slopes: activate your pay-per-use subscription and forget about buying a lift pass every time you want to enjoy the slopes.

But beware, once you do, your Snowitcard will become usable only in the pay-per-use mode. So, if you only have one card, we suggest you buy another one to ski at non-SnowitFlex partner resorts.

Now the only effort you will have to make is to enjoy your day in the snow. Skiing with Snowit has never been easier, faster and more convenient. Activate your subscription now and get ready for an unprecedented snow experience!

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