Dynamically priced ski passes: buy in advance and save money

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Discover the advantage of dynamic prices on ski passes with Snowit! The earlier you buy, the more you save. Secure access to the best rates!
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Last season, Snowit sold about 330 thousand ski days, and despite expected increases in ski pass prices and accommodations, experts predict 500 thousand more.

Snowit‘s suggestion is to take advantage of dynamic pricing in the off-season. This system, adopted by a number of ski resorts such as Monterosa Ski, Aprica, Bormio, and others, allows you to save up to 25 percent by buying a ski pass in advance and for several days.

Ski passes with dynamic pricing: the earlier you buy, the more you save

Dynamically priced ski passes allow you to book your access to the slopes online, deciding in advance the days you want to enjoy the snow.

The dynamic pricing mechanism means that the cost gradually increases as the maximum capacity of the slopes and lifts in the Skiarea approaches. By buying online before the day you intend to ski, you can enjoy the cheapest prices, avoiding paying the maximum amount if you decide to buy on the day of use.

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The main advantage is the ability to access special discounts that are activated to stimulate purchase, especially on less crowded days, thus avoiding checkout lines and saving valuable time.

Ski resorts that have activated the dynamic pricing system

In which resorts can you take advantage of dynamic ski pass prices? This system is active in several ski resorts, making the purchase of the ski pass at the ticket counters in a less convenient option than buying online. With Snowit, you can take advantage of this advantageous service in the following resorts:

  • Aprica
  • Bormio
  • Folgarida – Marilleva
  • Madonna di Campiglio
  • Monterosa Ski
  • Pinzolo
  • Pontedilegno-Tonale
  • Santa Caterina Valfurva

Buy your ski pass online with Snowit

With Snowit, getting your ski pass online is a breeze. In just a few steps, choose the ski resort, duration and type of ski pass you prefer. You can pay securely through our online platform.

Buying your ski pass is easy and you can do so with the peace of mind that you will always have access to the best rates.

You can choose between two options to purchase your ski pass online with Snowit:

  1. If you already have a Snowitcard, register it in your personal area at snowit.ski or on the Snowit app. Then choose the ski resort and ski pass, associating it with your registered Snowitcard during purchase. Once your purchase is complete, your Snowitcard will be automatically loaded and you can go directly to the turnstile to start skiing, without going through the cashiers
  1. If you don’t have your Snowitcard yet, there is a quick and easy way to start enjoying the snow right away. Purchase your lift pass online and conveniently pick up your Snowitcard at our on-site pick-up points, without having to wait in line. The process of registering your ski card is the same, quick and easy.

Save with Snowit: buy ski pass with dynamic pricing

To buy a ski pass with Snowit with dynamic pricing, simply download the Snowit app or visit snowit.ski , decide the day you want to go skiing and choose the cheapest rate Once you find it, you can proceed to purchase the ski pass, which you can load directly onto your Snowitcard.

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