Aprica: 10 things to do

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What to do in Aprica? What are the interesting places to visit? What to see in particular? Here 10 things to do in Aprica
what to do in Aprica
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Welcome to Aprica, a small town on the edge of Val Camonica and one of the most renowned ski resorts in Lombardy, located in the pass of the same name.

Nestled in the striking scenery of the Orobie Valtellinesi Park, Aprica is a charming destination that attracts visitors in every season, thanks to its favorable temperatures.

Between the ski slopes and the fascinating scenic trails, Aprica offers a unique experience between sports and relaxation. Discover with Snowit the activities that make it a must-see destination. Here’s what to do in Aprica:

1. Skiing in Aprica

The Aprica ski area, a few hours from Milan , is spread over 4 connected areas: Baradello, Palabione, Magnolta and Campetti. If you’re an experienced skier, red and black runs await, such as Magnolta’s “Pistone” challenge, with an elevation gain of 2 km.

For beginners or families, the Campetti area is ideal, while, the Initial Park also becomes a meeting point in the evening for snowboarders and freestyle skiers.

skiing in aprica

And let’s not forget ski mountaineering! Aprica and offers as many as 17 km of Nordic skiing trails. Recommended routes include Tumel, Trivigno-Monte Padrio and Aprica-Monte Baradello.

Feel like getting out on the slopes? With Snowit you can quickly and conveniently buy your ski pass , and from this year you can ski Aprica with SnowitFlex : Snowit’s pay-per-use ski pass.

Fly to the turnstiles, The Magnolta Piston is waiting for you!

2. Skiing down the Baradello Super Panorama.

Among the things to do in Aprica is night skiing. Baradello, part of the Aprica&Corteno ski area, has equipped the Super Panoramica slope, a full 6 km long and considered the most extensive lighted slope in Europe, with a night lighting system.

The slope is accessible for downhill skiing, ski mountaineering and snowshoeing. A perfect choice for those who do not want to give up the magic of snow even at night.

3. Reaching Aprica by Snow Trains.

Want to enjoy a day or two in Aprica without stress? During the winter season you have at your disposal the very comfortable Snow Trains . The most practical, fast and eco-friendly solution is the one offered by Snowit, in partnership with Trenord , designed for ski and snowboard enthusiasts eager for an escape to the Lombardy Alps.

snow trains

With a single ticket you have included roundtrip travel from any Lombardy station to the Tresenda-Aprica-Teglio station, shuttle transfer to the Aprica ski lifts and ski pass.

Thanks to Snowit, you also have the option of customizing your package with extra services to make your adventure truly unique and complete.

4. Adventuring with snowshoes

Exploring Aprica’s snowshoeing environs is an accessible experience for everyone with scenic stops during which you can refresh yourself along the trails at cozy huts and refuges.

Trails include a fascinating route through the Pian di Gembro Nature Reserve, the striking section from Dos della Croce to Mt. Padrio, the panoramic view along the route from Monte Giovello to the Panizza-Alpe Strencia locality, the tranquil walk through the Bosco Gentile, the adventure to the Prosolone locality via the Prena route, the loop trail through the Bratte Basse, and finally the exciting route from Aprica to Piscé.

5. Hiking in Aprica

Aprica is the ideal place to venture into the beauty of nature. With its ideal all-season climate, it offers a wide variety of excursions for all hiking and walking enthusiasts. With more than 200 km of trails, many of which can also be hiked on mountain bikes, there is something for every level of experience.

view of aprica

The trails traverse breathtaking landscapes, taking hikers from the heart of Aprica to over 2,000 meters above sea level. Prominent among the themed trails are those in the Pian di Gembro Nature Reserve and the Valli di Sant’Antonio Nature Reserve, which include the Brandet and Campovecchio Valleys, allowing you to explore the Orobie Valtellinesi Park.

For more trained hikers, there are adventure opportunities in pristine places and nature areas such as the picturesque Val Belviso, with its picturesque Torena lakes, Val Caronella with its waterfall, and Val Bondone.

6. Relaxing in the snow in Aprica

What to do in Aprica after a long descent down the snowy slopes? In Aprica, relaxing in the snow goes beyond skiing and après ski. You can enjoy cozy lodges and mountain huts a stone’s throw from the slopes, immersing yourself in the tranquility of the mountains.

Also, if you want a moment of pure wellness, there is a modern spa right at the start of the Magnolta gondola. Open in both summer and winter, it is perfect if you want to relax after a day of skiing.

7. Enjoying Valtellina cuisine

Aprica’s cool climate and mountainous environment, rich in fields, vineyards and apple orchards, have fostered the production of certified, high-quality first fruits. From wines to cheeses, Valtellina’s culinary tradition is enriched with specialties such as pizzoccheri, bresaola, Panvì cake and Sciatt: irresistible buckwheat pancakes filled with cheese.

pizzoccheri of aprica

8. Admire the murals of Aprica.

If you’ve decided to stroll through the streets of the town, once you turn a corner, you’ll find murals that tell the story of Aprica.

Painted on the walls of buildings in the districts of S. Maria, Dosso and S. Pietro, the 16 murals, created by Alcide Pancot on commission from the municipality, came to life in 2000.

The goal of these works is to render the history of Aprica in a pleasant way, offering a detailed look at local flora and fauna, including chamois, eagles and bears. Not only do they depict nature, but also figures of athletes and sportsmen.

Along the artistic-cultural route, you can further explore the information thanks to the presence of scannable QR codes at the bottom.

9. Living the traditions of Aprica

Every year in Aprica, there is an event that awakens the bond between the community and nature: the Sunà da Mars. This festival rooted in local tradition sees locals gather in groups from the various neighborhoods, resulting in a sound procession of cowbells to the Piazza delle Sei Contrade.

This is a way to celebrate the end of winter, to welcome the harvest season by enjoying the typical Mach: a Valtellina dish of polenta and sausages.

A plunge into the past that combines the beauty of the landscape with the appreciation of cultural roots, giving visitors a unique experience in the heart of the mountains.

10. Reaching the Plaz Mill.

To conclude this guide on what to do in Aprica, Snowit suggests you experience mountain life through the past. The Mulino dei Plaz, an emblem of Valtellina’s mountain culture, is a fascinating complex consisting of two structures overlooking the Aprica River. Abandoned in the 1970s due to its inaccessibility, it has undergone an amazing transformation.

Today it has been reborn as a charming theme park, enriched by the cultivation of ancient grains by reviving local traditions.

Plan your Aprica vacation with Snowit

In conclusion, Aprica proves to be a true alpine gem offering a rich repertoire of activities for lovers of skiing, outdoor sports and nature. With its murals telling the history and beauty of the place, restaurants delighting in local cuisine, and numerous snowshoeing and hiking trails.

With Snowit you can fully experience this multifaceted and fascinating destination by organizing your vacation conveniently and quickly, customizing it with all the services you need, from the hotel to equipment rental , booking lessons to hone your skiing or snowboarding technique.

Plan your days in Aprica and leave with Snowit.

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