Save 15% throughout December by paying with Visa

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Book your ski vacation now and save with 15% discount by paying with Visa. Put on your skis, the snow is waiting for you!
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It’s time to treat yourself to a great vacation! From December 1 to 31, 2023, if you are planning to spend your days in the mountains, Snowit gives you the opportunity to make them even more exciting. If you pay for your Snowit order with Visa, you will receive a 15% discount!

Visa discount on all Snowit services

Imagine yourself already on skis! Now, with Visa, your snow adventure becomes even more convenient. By using the discount code VISASNOWIT15 during payment, you can enjoy a discount on all Snowit services at the more than 130 available ski resorts:

  • Skipass
  • Hotel + Skipass Package
  • Equipment rental
  • Ski or snowboard lessons
  • Mountain experiences
  • Snow Trains

You can also book all these services in one online order and save 15% on the full amount.

visa discount

Snowit is the only platform on which you can save money by buying your ski pass online. You can plan your vacation by choosing all the services you want. To receive the discount, enter your Visa payment method and enjoy your days in the mountains!

How to get the discount by paying with Visa

The procedure is as simple as perfect descent:

  1. Add everything you need to plan your ski vacation to your cart.
  2. During checkout, paste the VISASNOWIT15 discount code in the “Do you have a discount code?” section provided.
  3. Select a Visa card as the payment method to access the 15% discount.
  4. Complete your purchase and get ready to go skiing and have an exciting snow adventure with an exclusive discount.

To ensure the discount is applied, please note that payments through aggregators, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal, are not allowed. The discount also does not apply to the SnowitFlex subscription.

Plan your ski vacation now

Choose convenience, save money and get ready to glide down the slopes with your 15% Visa discount. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, the snow is waiting for you!

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