Paganella: 10 things to do

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Are you in Paganella and don't just want to ski but also discover the place? Discover the 10 things to do in Paganella now!
fai della paganella ski resort landscape
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Located in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites, Paganella is one of the most popular ski resorts in Trentino.

Paganella is a mountain group that crosses several municipalities such as: Fai della Paganella, Andalo, Molveno, Vallelaghi, Cavedago and Terre d’Adige. The western slope, where Fai della Paganella and Andalo are located, is characterised by the presence ofenchanting woods, magnificent trails and wide ski slopes. It is precisely for this reason that this area has over time become a very popular destination during the winter season. During the summer, on the other hand, the eastern slope becomes the perfect destination for rock enthusiasts who enjoy climbing the limestone walls, even attempting via ferrata routes.

So whether you are a skier or not, you are sure to find plenty of activities to do here in winter and summer. Let’s take a look at the top 10 things to do in Paganella.

1. Skiing in the Paganella Ski area

skimap fai della paganella

The Paganella Ski area is definitely worth a visit. It is the training location of the Norwegian National Alpine Ski Team and it is here that the Olympic Slope II, where the Women’s European Cup is usually held, is located.

50 km of slopes, 1,100 metres of altitude difference and a variety of difficulties to satisfy all kinds of skiers, from beginners to experts. Furthermore, in 2020, the Paganella ski resort was named the best for skiing by SnowTrex.

2. Tobogganing at full speed on dedicated toboggan runs

New for the 20/21 season is a new toboggan run accessible from Fai della Paganella. This is the first toboggan run in this locality and will be accessible via the Santel-Meriz chairlift. It is 880m long in total and has a maximum gradient of 20%.

3. Enjoying the brand new blue slopes of Paganella

Newly opened for the 20/21 season are the new “Little White Bear” blue track to enrich the offer of the Eskimo First Steps Pole – the entire beginners’ area – and the expansion of the Salare blue track, whose surface area has been maximised to 8000m².

4. Discover the magic of night skiing

In Paganella, skiing is possible during the day, but also at night. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the Andalo-Doss Pelà gondola runs from 7.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m., where it will be possible to experience the magic of skiing under the starry sky.

5. Ski touring in deep snow

Ski mountaineering has become increasingly popular as a sport, and the Paganella Skiarea offers various solutions for ski mountaineering enthusiasts. There are three main trails: the Three-Three is a trail up to Selleta 1986m; the Rocca-Dosso Larici is practicable in the evenings from Monday to Thursday, and the Olimpionica I on Tuesdays and Fridays.

6. Barrier-free skiing at Paganella Ski

Skiing knows no limits and the Paganella Skiarea is proof of this. Here, the lifts are also accessible to skiers and snowboarders with disabilities. In addition to discounts on ski passes, there are qualified instructors for ski lessons and all the equipment one needs on an ad hoc basis.

7. Enjoying the resort with our four-legged friends at the agility dog track

agility dog friends fai della paganella

Are you in the mountains with your four-legged friend? In Paganella, you can enjoy yourself freely in the dog fun park, the agility dog park. On some lifts, you are even allowed to go up and down with your dog:

  • Andalo – Doss Pelà cable car (no. 1)
  • Santel – Meriz chairlift (no. 13)
  • Laghet – Prati di Gaggia cable car (No. 7)
  • Prati di Gaggia – Paganella 2 chairlift (no. 9)

8. Paragliding with a view

paragliding in paganella

The ‘I Fly Tandem’ team organises tandem paragliding activities with a qualified instructor at this location. It is accessible to all and does not require any special preparation, and is a truly suitable activity for everyone. Takeoff is from Cima Paganella at an altitude of 2125 metres. where the views will be breathtaking. But that’s not all, there is also the possibility of taking off and landing with skis on.

9. Discover Paganella by Fat-Bike

Fat bikes are bikes with extra-wide tyres, designed to ride in the most difficult terrain conditions, even snow. Various types can be rented in the area, and thanks to pedal-assisted pedalling, you can discover the resort on various excursions in the snow.

10. Enjoying traditional dishes with a view of snow-capped mountains

Let’s face it, the beauty of the mountains and Trentino is also its delicious, typical dishes. The resort offers various solutions to enjoy the best traditional dishes in different locations: lunches at high altitude in the area’s refuges, aperitifs with a view of the Paganella peak, snowcat dinners and apres-ski.

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