Bardonecchia: 8 things to do

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What to do in Bardonecchia? What are the interesting places to visit? What to see in particular? Here are the 8 things to do in Bardonecchia.
bardonecchia what to do
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Bardonecchia is a town in Piedmont, a municipality in the province of Turin. It is located in the upper Susa Valley on the border with France, and it is an important centre for winter sports.

The town, an enchanting tourist destination for lovers of nature, history and Alpine culture, is in fact known as one of Italy’s most important ski resorts.

Bardonecchia has a charming historic centre, characterised by narrow streets, stone houses and old churches, with a surrounding landscape offering a wide range of outdoor activities.

With such a varied tourist offer, Bardonecchia is a perfect destination for those seeking an authentic experience in the Italian mountains.

But let’s find out more about the 8 things to do in Bardonecchia:

1. Skiing or snowboarding on the ski slopes of Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia offers ski slopes suitable for all levels, from beginners to more challenging descents for experts.

The ski area extends over four different mountains: Colomion, Melezet, Les Arnauds and Jafferau, with over 100 kilometres of well-maintained slopes and modern lift infrastructure.

Snowboarders can find a wide range of facilities in Bardonecchia’s Freestyle Park to challenge their skills and have fun on the snow.

In addition, Bardonecchia’s geographical location at the base of the Cottian Alps ensures good snow cover and quality snow conditions, making it an ideal destination for ski and snowboard enthusiasts from around the world.

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2. Snowshoeing in the woods

Snowshoeing, which is walking with snowshoes, is an increasingly popular activity that allows one to explore the mountains in a peaceful and relaxing way. Bardonecchia, thanks to its geographical location and quality snow cover, offers numerous possibilities for practising this activity.

The snowshoeing trails in Bardonecchia wind through pine and fir forests, snow-covered landscapes and breathtaking views of the Cottian Alps, offering a unique experience in contact with winter nature.

Among the snowshoe routes that we at Snowit recommend you, there are:

  • Lake Sagnes: an easy route suitable for everyone, leading to an enchanting lake surrounded by forests and mountains.
  • Chiesetta di San Carlo: a route of medium difficulty leading to the Chiesetta di San Carlo, a historical monument located in a panoramic position overlooking the Susa Valley.
  • Colle del Sommeiller: a difficult route leading to the Colle del Sommeiller, at an altitude of 3,000 metres, from where you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Cottian Alps. This route requires an experienced guide and the appropriate equipment.

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snowshoeing bardonecchia

3. Cross-country skiing in Bardonecchia

The Bardonecchia ski resort also offers many opportunities for cross-country skiers. The ski slopes wind through unspoilt landscapes, through pine and fir forests, breathtaking landscapes of the Cottian Alps and typical mountain villages.

The cross-country skiing trails in this ski resort are suitable for all skill levels and there are numerous starting points, including Melezet, the Val di Susa Cross-country Ski Centre and the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand Natural Park.

Thanks to the beauty of the natural landscapes and the quality of the slopes, cross-country skiing in Bardonecchia is certainly a unique and unforgettable experience for sports and mountain lovers.

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4. Take a trip to Lake Rochemolles

Lake Rochemolles is a wonderful destination for a trip to Bardonecchia. The area is characterised by an unspoilt natural environment with coniferous forests and beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The lake is a large natural pool set among the peaks, with an emerald green colour that makes it even more impressive. There are many hiking trails leading to the lake, offering a wide variety of difficulty and duration.

Whether you want a leisurely walk or a more challenging hike, there are many options for all skill levels. Once at the lake, there are many picnic and rest areas where one can relax and enjoy the view.

In general, Lake Rochemolles is a perfect destination for those looking for a day of adventure surrounded by unspoilt nature.

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bardonecchia what to do

5. Walking in the centre of Bardonecchia

Walking in the centre of Bardonecchia is a pleasant and relaxing experience, ideal for soaking up the atmosphere of the picturesque mountain town.

The historic centre of Bardonecchia offers many attractions, including the Church of St John the Baptist, with its imposing bell tower, and the Church Square, where many bars and restaurants can be found.

Along the streets of the centre, one can admire the characteristic mountain houses made of wood and stone, and go shopping in boutiques and souvenir shops.

In general, a walk in the centre of Bardonecchia is certainly a pleasant way to spend a few hours in a picturesque and relaxing environment.

6. Taste the local cuisine of Bardonecchia

Tasting the local cuisine of Bardonecchia is an experience not to be missed if you visit this ski resort. The city has a rich culinary tradition that reflects the influences of Alpine and French cuisine.

One of the area’s most famous dishes is “tartiflette“, a dish made with potatoes, melted cheese, bacon and onion. Another delicious dish to try is “polenta concia“, a polenta enriched with local cheese, butter and cured meats.

As for desserts, the “hazelnut cake” is a real treat, made with local hazelnuts and milk cream.

There are many local restaurants offering local dishes, and some also offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Tasting the local cuisine of Bardonecchia is therefore an unforgettable experience for gourmets and food lovers.

bardonecchia what to do

7. Walking in the Gran Bosco Nature Park

Walking in the Gran Bosco Natural Park in the Bardonecchia area is an immersive experience in the unspoilt nature of the Western Alps.

The park covers an area of 6,000 hectares, with hiking trails offering breathtaking landscapes of the surrounding mountains.

The fauna and flora are rich and varied, with the presence of numerous protected species of animals and plants. During the walk, you can come across deer, chamois, marmots and eagles, and enjoy the coolness of the conifer and beech forests.

The park is also a place of historical and cultural interest, with ancient paths through the woods leading to remains of fortifications dating back to World War II.

Walking in the Gran Bosco Natural Park in Bardonecchia is therefore an unforgettable experience for nature and adventure lovers.

8. Visit the Bramafam Fort

The Fort of Bramafam is one of Bardonecchia’s main attractions, located a few kilometres from the town centre. Built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the fort was part of the Italian defence system and was one of the border posts between Italy and France.

Today, the Bramafam Fort is an important testimony to Italian military history and has been transformed into a museum housing numerous permanent and temporary exhibitions on the subject of war, history and mountain culture.

The fort offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and surrounding mountains, and it is possible to visit the tunnels and underground corridors leading to the casemates and firing positions.

A visit to the Bramafam Fort is therefore a cultural and historical experience that allows you to immerse yourself in Italian history and admire one of the most important military monuments in the Cottian Alps.

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