La Thuile: 10 things to do

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What to di in La Thuile? What are the interesting places to visit? What to see in particular? Here 10 things to do in La Thuile!
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Discover what to do in La Thuile: the alpine resort in the Aosta Valley at the foot of the Petit St. Bernard and Rutor glacier. In this corner of paradise between the Italian and French mountains, a perfect mix of thrills and experiences awaits you.

From dizzying descents on ski slopes to peaceful hikes amid picture-postcard views, La Thuile presents itself as every nature lover’s dream.

But it’s not just a spectacle to the eye: be won over by the flavors of the local cuisine, immerse yourself in the serenity of the surrounding lakes, and relax at the spa. Snowit will take you on this journey of discovery on what to do in La Thuile.

1. Skii in La Thuile

Located in the Espace San Bernardo ski area, which stretches between 1,440 and 2,700 meters between Italy and France, La Thuile, guarantees exceptional snow in all seasons, including spring.

The expansive panorama affords views from Mont Blanc to the Rutor glacier to Mount Miravidi.

Whether you’re an experienced skier or a beginner, you’ll find slopes here to suit every skill level.

  • Black runs: for the more experienced, we recommend challenging runs in the woods, with a look at technical runs such as Diretta #2 and Muret #5. But La Thuile’s crowning achievement is La Franco Berthod #3, which is reserved for more experienced skiers. With gradients reaching 76 percent, this slope nestled in the woods is one of the most difficult in Italy, and offers several variations. The slope has also hosted European Cup and World Cup events.
  • Red slopes: The San Bernardo #7, over 11 km long, starts from Chaz Dura at the Petit St. Bernard Pass and reaches La Thuile. For those who prefer less steep trails, the area around Chaz Dura offers two red trails. Similarly, there is a trail through Fourclaz, Argillien and Arnouvaz that leads to La Nouva #6.
  • Blue runs: for beginners, the Les Suches area is recommended.

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2. Freedom on the slope with Freeride

A must for daredevil skiers is exploring between Belvedere and Little St. Bernard, where run #27, turns into an off-piste paradise.

The 27 Defy is an unbeaten trail but declared closed, although still marked on maps.

freeride la thuile

3. Snowkiting in La Thuile

If you are passionate about adventure sports and want to experiment on the slopes, you can immerse yourself in the world of Snowkite in La Thuile.

A vast area on the Petit St. Bernard Pass, easily reached by ski lifts, is transformed into a Snowkite Spot. This fusion of skiing and kitesurfing offers mountain lovers the opportunity to plow through the snow, challenging themselves with evolutions and tricks.

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4. Skyway Mont Blanc: The Giant of Europe just a stone’s throw from La Thuile

If you would like to explore the surroundings of La Thuile, an unmissable experience is to climb to the summit with the Skyway Monte Bianco, located just 12 km away.

You will board a cableway that will take you through three stations starting from location of Courmayeur , offering spectacular views of Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso.

5. Hiking around La Thuile

Exploring the nature of La Thuile becomes an authentic experience to be had through trails and hiking routes that embrace forests, lakes, waterfalls, mountain pastures, and refuges. From the picturesque lakes of Arpy and Verney to exciting hikes to the Rutor glacier, the diversity of itineraries offers a complete picture of the surrounding beauty.

For cycling enthusiasts, the Bike Park, accessible via the lifts, provides high-altitude trails suitable for all levels of fitness, transforming ancient walkways into exciting routes.

6. Taste the cuisine of the Aosta Valley in La Thuile.

Among the things to do in La Thuile, it becomes a must to try the local cuisine. Some mountain huts on the edge of the slope, such as those in the Colle San Carlo area, prepare high-altitude dinners offering typical dishes from the gastronomic culture of Valle d’Aosta.

From Fontina to Lardo d’Arnad and Jambon de Bosses, Aosta Valley cuisine delights everyone with its signature dishes: Zuppa Valpellinese, Seuppetta di Cogne, and polenta concia.

La Thuile is also known as the City of Chocolate. Its treat, in fact, is the Tometta di La Thuile, a chocolate named after the shape of the famous cheese.

7. Relaxing at the foot of Mont Blanc: the thermal baths of Pré Saint Didier

Treating yourself to a day at the Pré Saint Didier Spa means relaxing and enjoying the benefits of the mountains.

Thermal water pools and saunas are part of the sensory journey at the 19th-century establishment.

Just a few kilometers away from La Thuile, you can treat yourself to a day of wellness with spectacular views of Mont Blanc.

8. The magic of La Thuile: the Rutor waterfalls

In the natural scenery of La Thuile, the spectacle offered by the Rutor waterfalls, among the highest in Europe with their three majestic drops, is not to be missed.

These waterfalls mark the end of the river of the same name, whose course originates in the striking Rutor Glacier, becoming a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts.

9. Visiting the lakes around La Thuile

Among the many activities La Thuile offers, exploring the various lakes nestled in the valleys is an experience not to be missed. Lake Verney, the largest, offers breathtaking views, followed by the striking Lake d’Arpy, between Mont Charvel and Becca Pouegnenta.

Continuing on, Lake Tormotta, on the slopes of the Arguerey Glacier, reflects the imposing Petit Mont Blanc. The Bellacomba Lakes offer spectacular views of the Mont Blanc range. Opposite the Rutor Glacier are the Green Lake, at 2,539 meters (7,639 feet) above sea level, and the Gray Lake at 2,532 meters (7,632 feet).

Not to be outdone are Lake Rutor and the Lakes des Ussellettes, must-see destinations for those who love unspoiled nature.

10. A day in the mountain pasture

A day in the alpine pastures is a must-do experience that engages the senses and is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the authentic life of La Thuile!

You can join a walk to the Verney mountain pasture accompanied by a nature guide. Once you reach the alpine pasture, you will have the opportunity to watch the milking and learn about the role of the herders.

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