Ski pass sales open: get ready to ski with Snowit

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Ready for the next ski run? Snowit announces the opening of ski pass sales of the first ski resorts.
opening ski pass and lift sales
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With the arrival of the first snowfall, you may be wondering when it will be possible to go skiing. Are you looking forward to plowing the slopes? Snowit thought of preparing for you a list of destinations where you will be able to ski soon!

Snowit enthusiastically announces the opening of upcoming ski pass sales with corresponding lift opening dates. Are you ready to get on track right away?

Winter season 2023: ski pass sales and lift opening kick off

Ski pass sales are officially open at many ski resorts, and Snowit is ready to take you through this early season.

Ski resorts are preparing to give all skiers and snowboarders incredible descents in snowy landscapes.

In some ski resorts, dynamic ski pass rates are already active, allowing you to save money by purchasing your ski pass in advance.

How does dynamic ski pass pricing work?

The dynamic ski pass price varies from day to day in relation to the number of buyers and thus the meeting of supply and demand. That means the earlier you buy, the more you save!

Buy your ski pass in advanceand be prepared for the opening of the lifts.

List of ski resorts with open sale with Snowit

Find out at which resorts you can already buy your ski pass online with Snowit, including dynamic pricing:

Ski resortsDynamic pricing?Plant opening dates
Alagna – Monterosa SkiYes02/12/2023
Champoluc – Monterosa SkiYes02/12/2023
Gressoney-La-Trinité – Monterosa SkiYes02/12/2023
Santa Caterina ValfurvaYes02/12/2023
Andalo No02/12/2023
ApricaYes 02/12/2023
Madonna di CampiglioYes02/12/2023
Folgarida – MarillevaYes02/12/2023
Pontedilegno – TonaleYes02/12/2023
Fai della PaganellaNo02/12/2023
La ThuileNo02/12/2023
Barzio – Piani di BobbioNo 03/12/2023
Valtorta- Piani di BobbioNo03/12/2023
Chiesa Valmalenco Bernina Ski ResortNo01/12/2023
Corno alle ScaleNo08/12/2023
Monte BondoneNo07/12/2023
Monte PoraNo02/12/2023
Claviere – VialatteaNo02/12/2023
Sansicario – VialatteaNo02/12/2023
Sauze D’Oulx – VialatteaNo02/12/2023
Sestriere – VialatteaNo02/12/2023

List of plant opening dates

Don’t miss the opening and closing dates of the facilities. Here is a list that will show you the period during which you can ski in major ski resorts:

Ski resortsPlant opening datesPlant closing dates
Alagna – Monterosa Ski 02/12/202314/04/2024
Alleghe – Civetta02/12/202301/04/2024
Alpe di Siusi02/12/202314/04/2024
Badia – Alta Badia02/12/202314/04/2024
Barzio – Piani di Bobbio03/12/202331/03/2024
Brunico – Plan de Corones25/11/202321/04/2024
Camigliatello Silano23/12/202324/03/2024
Campitello di Fassa25/11/202314/04/2024
Campo Felice07/12/202301/04/2024
Canazei – Val di Fassa25/11/202314/04/2024
Champoluc – Monterosa Ski02/12/202314/04/2024
Chiesa Valmalenco Bernina Ski Resort01/12/202307/04/2024
Corno alle Scale22/12/202301/04/2024
Claviere – Via Lattea02/12/202314/04/2024
Colfosco – Alta Badia25/11/202314/04/2024
Corno alle Scale08/12/202314/04/2024
Cortina d’Ampezzo25/11/202301/05/2024
Corvara – Alta Badia25/11/202314/04/2024
Dobbiaco – 3 Cime25/11/202314/04/2024
Fai della Paganella02/12/202314/04/2024
Falcade – Alpe Lusia25/11/202314/04/2024
Folgarida – Marilleva02/12/202314/04/2024
Gressoney-La-Trinité – Monterosa Ski02/12/202314/04/2024
La Thuile02/12/202321/04/2024
La Villa – Alta Badia02/12/202314/04/2024
Limone Piemonte02/12/202314/04/2024
Madonna di Campiglio02/12/202321/04/2024
Monte Bondone07/12/202314/04/2024
Monte Pora02/12/202317/03/2024
Ortisei – Val Gardena25/11/202314/04/2024
Pontedilegno – Tonale02/12/202301/05/2024
Pozza di Fassa25/11/202414/04/2024
Prato Nevoso07/12/202314/04/2023
San Martino di Castrozza25/11/202307/04/2024
San Virgilio di Marebbe – Plan de Corones26/11/202322/04/2024
Sansicario – Via Lattea02/12/202314/04/2024
Santa Caterina Valfurva02/12/202307/04/2024
Santa Cristina – Val Gardena25/11/202314/04/2024
Sauze D’Oulx – Via Lattea02/12/202314/04/2024
Selva di Val Gardena02/12/202314/04/2024
Valdaora – Plan de Corones25/11/202321/04/2024
Valtorta – Piani di Bobbio03/12/202331/03/2024

Buy your ski pass online: start the winter season with Snowit

Now is the perfect time to plan your next ski trip and enjoy the slopes with Snowit.

Buy your Snowitcard in advance

With the Snowitcard, you can quickly and easily access lifts at more than50 ski resorts (find the resorts where the sale is already active in the list above). You can purchase it from the comfort of your home, register it in your personal area from the website or app, and reload it whenever you want with your ski pass.

Buy your Snowitcard now.

How to buy the ski pass online?

  1. Choose a ski resort with open sales in the search widget;
  2. Select your ski dates;
  3. Choose the type of ski pass you want;
  4. Proceed to purchase;
  5. When purchasing you will be able to choose two different loading modes:
    • If you have a Snowitcard: enter the card number to load your ski pass.
    • If you don’t have a Snowitcard yet: pick it up the first time on site at participating pick-up points and check in ski passes.
  6. Add to cart and proceed to checkout to confirm your order;
  7. Now your Snowitcard is loaded with ski pass! Go directly to the turnstile to go to the track.

Get ready for a new season with Snowit and plan your white days in advance.

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