Ovindoli: 10 things to do

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What to do in Ovindoli? What are the interesting places to visit? What to see in particular? Here are the 10 things to do in Ovindoli!
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What to do in Ovindoli? The small village nestled in the mountains of Abruzzo boasts a rich and fascinating history.

Surrounded by the striking scenery of the Sirente Velino Regional Natural Park, this small village has thrived thanks to its high altitude, transforming itself into a renowned ski resort in central Italy. Its prime location has attracted skiers from every corner of the peninsula.

With Snowit you’ll explore the 10 things to do in Ovindoli, making it a unique place to discover.

1. Skiing in Ovindoli

The Ovindoli – Monte Magnola ski resort, located 2 km from the historic center at an altitude of 1450-2220 meters, is an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

With 21 slopes and a snowpark over about 30 km, the resort attracts fans from all over central and southern Italy. Attractions include the black “Pistone” slope for experts, numerous blue slopes for beginners, two snowparks for snowboarding and freestyle (the Magnola Upper-Park and Lower-Park), and Nordic skiing trails between Rocca di Mezzo and the Cross Country Stadium.

what to do in ovindoli

Equipped with advanced snowmaking facilities, 11 lifts, ski schools and equipment rentals, it also offers the exciting opportunity of night skiing on the Dolce Vita and Topolino slopes.

With Snowit you can also ski in Ovindoli, buy your lift pass and have fun on the slopes!

2. Try Snowscoot and Snowkite

If you want to experience something different during your visit to Ovindoli, we recommend trying two fascinating alternatives to traditional winter sports: SnowKite and Snowscoot.

For the former, ideal for beginners, we suggest two extensive and flat spots: the Valle d’Arano near the village and Rocca di Mezzo north of Ovindoli.

Snowscoot, a unique winter sport popular in countries such as France, Switzerland, Japan and in some Italian regions such as Valle d’Aosta, involves the use of boards with handlebars, giving an experience similar to riding a bicycle on snow.

3. Doing alternative hiking in Ovindoli

In Ovindoli, far from the ski facilities, the alternatives to skiing are varied and interesting. You can enjoy walks in the woods or hikes in the Sirente-Velino Natural Park, alternatively Snowit suggests two activities to try.

Snowshoeing is a must in winter, with interesting routes such as the one from the village to Serra di Celano or to Mount Sirente from Val d’Arano.

If you are curious and want to try something new, you can book fat e-bike excursions on snow in the Sirente Velino Park.

Many of these hikes offer a full, typical Abruzzo lunch or dinner at the end, served in refuges or trattorias such as La Pinetina.

4. Relaxing in the snow of Ovindoli

In Ovindoli, in addition to winter activities, you can enjoy relaxing moments in the snow with a beautiful view of the Apennines. Many hotels, such as the Ovindoli Park Hotel, are dedicated to wellness and offer the opportunity to relax completely.

Inside the hotel, you’ll find the Orchidea Spa, which features heated pools overlooking the winter garden, saunas, Turkish baths, and a range of spa treatments and spa trails. If you want to keep active during your vacation, there is also a fitness room available.

5. Visit the Chamois Wildlife Center.

Just 5 minutes from Ovindoli, in the municipality of Rocca di Mezzo, you will find the Chamois Visitor Center and Wildlife Area. This place is dedicated to learning about the chamois and the fauna and flora found in the park, offering detailed information.


In addition to the info point, in the adjacent wildlife area you will have the opportunity to spot chamois using binoculars. This is an unmissable experience for those who want to get even closer to nature.

6. Walking the trails of the Sirente-Velino Natural Park.

Ovindoli, nestled in the heart of the Sirente Velino Regional Natural Park, offers nature lovers the opportunity to explore its picturesque nature trails, stretching over some 55 thousand hectares. Choose from easy trails or venture into high-altitude trekking, as well as exciting horseback rides.

For example, the Fonte Canale trail, about 12 kilometers long, is accessible to everyone. Other interesting trails include those in the Aielli-Celano Gorges and the Piani di Pezza, where it is possible to spot the Marsican wolf or peregrine falcon. In this unique natural environment, Ovindoli offers an immersive experience for lovers of outdoor activities.

excursions to do in ovindoli and sirente velino natural park

7. Pedaling on the highest bike path in Central Italy

Don’t miss the opportunity to pedal along the Altopiano delle Rocche Trail, the highest bike path in Central Italy. At 35 km, it passes through five picturesque Abruzzo villages, including Ovindoli, immersing you in the typical Abruzzo landscape, with its fields and straw bales.

Along the way, you are fortunate to enjoy spectacular views, with one section offering an overview of the majestic Gran Sasso d’Italia.


Numerous branches offer variety of routes, and one of them, which starts in Ovindoli, leads to the Rovere wildlife center.

8. Spend free time in Ovindoli.

What to do in Ovindoli in your free time instead? The village offers a variety of options for spending a few hours alone, with family or friends, both in summer and winter.

Evenings in Ovindoli offer a quiet atmosphere in the historic center, where some clubs organize evenings with live music. You can also enjoy a relaxing aperitif with platters of local cold cuts and cheeses.

For a free afternoon, Ovindoli’s Pinetina, a park that is always open and not far from the center. In the summertime, you can rest in the shade of the trees, have a picnic, practice archery, go horseback riding, or rent a mountain bike.

9. Discover the distinct flavors of Marsica

In Ovindoli, part of Marsica‘s culinary tradition, the local cuisine offers decisive flavors typical of agro-pastoral cuisine. Distinctive dishes include spaghetti alla chitarra with mutton or game sauce, polenta all’abruzzese, and pecora alla cottora.

To end the meal on a sweet note at the table, there is no shortage of cicerchiata and ferratelle, sweet wafers filled with grape jam or honey.

10. Visiting the village of Ovindoli

The charming ancient village of Ovindoli reveals fascinating historical surprises that are definitely worth exploring.

Thanks to its strategic location, of importance since Roman times, the village also preserves significant archaeological evidence from later eras. Notable among these are the ancient city walls with Porta Mutiati, the Santa Jona watchtower and the remains of Ovindoli Castle.

Strolling through the narrow streets, one can admire the art of the church of San Sebastiano and the Alpine Monument, which add further elements of interest to the historical heritage of the place.

Plan your next descent in Ovindoli with Snowit

Ovindoli proves to be a fascinating destination that combines its history with the natural beauty of the Sirente Velino Regional Natural Park.

Its reputation as a renowned ski resort in central Italy is well deserved, offering not only impeccable slopes for ski enthusiasts, but also a myriad of activities to do.

To make the most of your winter experience in Ovindoli, be sure to secure a ski pass , your ticket to an unforgettable snow adventure!

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