Courmayeur: 8 things to do

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What to do in Courmayeur? What are the interesting places to visit? What to see in particular? Here are the 8 things to do in Courmayeur.
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Courmayeur, a town located in Valle d’Aosta at the base of Mont Blanc, is a popular tourist destination in the heart of the Italian Alps, famous for its ski slopes, the natural beauty of its views and its welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. So, if you are a winter sports enthusiast or simply want to enjoy the beauty of the Italian Alps, Courmayeur is the perfect place for you.

In this article, we present you 8 activities not to be missed during a holiday in Courmayeur: from downhill skiing to snowshoeing, local food tasting and much more.

Find out how best to spend your time in this beautiful Aosta Valley ski resort and make your holiday unforgettable.

1. Skiing in Courmayeur

Courmayeur is famous for its ski slopes that stretch over 100 km between France and Italy, so it has much to offer to satisfy the tastes of all visitors.

The ski area offers numerous slopes for alpine skiing, both for beginners and experts, so you can choose the slope that best suits your skills and preferences.

The skiable area extends over two slopes: the first, that of the Chécrouite, and the second, that of the Val Veny, offering more than thirty slopes for all difficulties, reaching the 2750 metres altitude of the Cresta d’Arp.

The Courmayeur slopes can be reached from the town by two cable cars, one near the town centre, the Courmayeur cable car, and one at Entrèves, the Val Veny cable car; alternatively, one can take the Dolonne cable car.

You can also stop at chalets along the slopes to enjoy some relax and refresh yourself with a good plate of local food, such as polenta or fondue.

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2. Snowshoeing at the base of Mont Blanc

In addition to the thrill of skiing down snowy slopes, Courmayeur also offers numerous snowshoeing trails, allowing visitors to enjoy the winter mountain environment and the surrounding nature.

Here are some of the most popular routes:

  • Vallone di Youla: this route is suitable for all skill levels and offers spectacular views of Mont Blanc and the surrounding valley. The trail starts in the fraction of Dolonne and follows the Dora Baltea river to the village of Entrèves.
  • Lillaz Waterfall Trail: this trail follows the course of the Dora Baltea river and passes through a series of frozen waterfalls and streams. The trail is suitable for all skill levels and offers breathtaking landscapes of the valley.
  • Lake Arpy: this route starts from the village of Morgex and leads to Lake Arpy, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. The walk is moderate and takes about three hours.
  • Val Ferret: The route starts from the village of La Palud, follows the Ferret valley, and can be customised according to the participants’ skill level.

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3. Visiting the Skyway cable car in Courmayeur

Admiring the panorama of Mont Blanc and the surrounding Alps from the Mont Blanc Skyway cable car is a unique experience that, if you go to Courmayeur, you cannot miss.

It has been called the Skyway and regarded as the eighth wonder of the world because of the indescribable views it offers.

The cable car, which connects the station of Pontal d’Entrèves at an altitude of 1,300 metres to the station of Punta Helbronner at an altitude of 3,466 metres, taking you directly to the base of the glaciers and the great peaks of the Alps, is in fact one of Courmayeur’s main points of interest.

skyway mont blanc

4. Relaxing at the Pré Saint Didier Thermal Spa

In ancient Rome, thermal baths were places of social gathering and life, but also places for physical well-being and regeneration of the spirit.

The Pré Saint Didier thermal baths are an oasis of relax and wellness, located a few kilometres from Courmayeur, in a unique natural environment in the mountains of the Aosta Valley. Here, QC Terme continues the tradition of imperial Rome with its wellness and spa centres, offering unique and timeless emotions.

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in warm water, surrounded by snow and cold temperatures, and topped by Mount Bianc, which silently observes you.

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5. Have dinner in a chalet in Courmayeur

On the list of things to do in Courmayeur, a nice dinner in a chalet is definitely not to be missed. According to us at Snowit, it is essential to indulge in the goodness of a meal on the slopes as night falls.

Thanks to the Courmayeur cable car, which is open daily until midnight, you can comfortably reach the slopes and enjoy a relaxing dinner in a chalet, in one of the high altitude restaurants, such as the risto-chalet Christiania, to enjoy a definitely alternative evening.

Tasting the local cuisine and typical Aosta Valley dishes in one of the many restaurants in the area is a must, as Valle d’Aosta cuisine is distinguished by its genuine and tasty dishes, such as polenta concia, fonduta alla valdostana, fontina cheese, carbonada and local cured meats.

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6. Après-ski on the Courmayeur slopes

Après-ski is an activity that consists of relaxing and having fun after a day of skiing, usually around the ski slopes or in mountain chalets. Sipping a spritz in company is almost a must on any self-respecting Italian holiday.

Après-skiing on the Courmayeur slopes can be a truly unforgettable experience, thanks to the beauty of the alpine landscape and the cosy atmosphere of the mountain chalets.

Courmayeur’s offer is also very wide on this front because, in addition to aperitifs in the numerous pubs and cafés on Via Roma, the resort offers parties animated by DJ sets, directly on the slopes, which create a lively and fun atmosphere.

The club par excellence is one: the SuperG, directly on the slopes of Plan Checrouit, whose terraces, from dusk onwards, have been making young winter sports enthusiasts dance for years, thanks to its DJ sets that leave everyone speechless.

Remember, however, to check the ski lift timetables and make sure you have enough time to return to your accommodation without taking any risks.

However, if you want to know more about the best après-skis in Italy, read also:

Best après-ski in Italy: the 8 locations to party“.

courmayeur what to do

7. Shopping in Courmayeur

Shopping in the sports and clothing shops in the centre of Courmayeur is a must for anyone visiting this ski resort.

We know that some may be less interested in this activity, but we assure you that Courmayeur and, in particular, Via Roma, is the queen of shopping.

You can find clothes shops, sophisticated boutiques, trendy clubs and shops with typical products.

During your walk, also be sure to visit the Parish of San Pantaleone, dating back to the 18th century, with a beautiful Baroque façade and paintings and sculptures by important Aosta Valley artists inside.

Be sure to walk the streets of the village for a taste of tradition and style. Be sure not to miss this opportunity in Courmayeur.

8. Visiting Val Ferret

Val Ferretè an Alpine valley located on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, famous for its natural beauty and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Whether summer or winter, Val Ferret always offers great relax and breathtaking landscapes.

The valley is a true piece of paradise, accessible by shuttles that leave all day from the village of Verrand, and offers a spectacular valley of more than 20 km perfect for cross-country skiing, trying out fat bikes or enjoying walks and snowshoeing in the mountains.

Thus, one of the most popular activities in Val Ferret is certainly hiking, as the area offers numerous trails, such as the one leading to the Bonatti Refuge, Lake Arpy and the route up to Col Ferret.

We can therefore say that Val Ferret is an ideal place to relax and enjoying nature. The peace and tranquillity of the area make it an ideal place to disconnect from the daily routine and spend time immersed in the beauty of the mountains.

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