Folgaria: 7 things to do

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What to do in Folgaria? What are the interesting places to visit? What to see in particular? Here are 7 things to do in Folgaria.
folgaria what to do
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Folgaria is a tourist town located in Trentino Alto Adige, characterised by enchanting natural beauty and the presence of numerous points of historical and cultural interest.

Nestled in the mountains, it offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities, such as downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking and mountain biking. The area is therefore suitable for all types of visitors, from the more sporty to the less active, as there are numerous activities to do.

This article will explore in detail 7 things to do in Folgaria that make it an ideal tourist destination for nature and culture lovers.

1. Skiing in Folgaria

Skiing in Folgaria is a must for winter sports enthusiasts. The marvellous Folgaria-Lavarone ski area is a true paradise, thanks to its 100 km of slopes suitable for all levels, allowing you to move from one side of the Alpe Cimbra to the other.

The Folgaria ski resort stretches from an altitude of about 1,200 metres up to 1,850 metres, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

In addition, the area is equipped with modern and functional ski lifts, numerous top-quality ski and snowboard rental facilities, as well as several hotels that can make your mountain holiday even more enjoyable.

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However, in addition to skiing, the area also offers the possibility of other winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating. Fans of cross-country skiing, for example, can enjoy the more than 30 km of trails in the centre of Passo Coe.

skiing folgaria

2. Snowshoeing in the Alpe Cimbra Ski Area

Snowshoeing in the Alpe Cimbra Ski Area is a perfect activity for those who wish to discover the beauty of the winter mountains in an alternative way.

Walking with snowshoes, offers the opportunity to explore the Alpe Cimbra in a relaxing and peaceful way, immersed in unspoilt nature and far from the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes.

The Alpe Cimbra Ski Area offers various options for snowshoeing, with itineraries of different difficulties and lengths, suitable for all needs. It is possible to take part in guided hikes with experienced instructors, which allow you to discover the most evocative places in the area, or choose to explore on your own the numerous paths that wind through snow-covered forests and meadows.

Thanks to snowshoeing, you can admire spectacular views, breathe fresh air and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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3. Exploring the historic centre

Exploring the historic centre of Folgaria is an experience that cannot be missed by anyone visiting this beautiful location in Trentino Alto Adige.

The historic centre of the town is characterised by its picturesque streets, which still retain the authentic and genuine atmosphere of Alpine tradition. Walking through the alleys of the old town allows one to discover the historical and cultural heritage of the area, admiring the ancient palaces, wooden houses, churches and monuments that bear witness to the thousand-year history of this area.

Along the narrow streets of the old town centre, you will also find numerous businesses, such as shops selling typical products and handicrafts, restaurants and bars, where you can sample local delicacies and enjoy a relaxing break.

4. Participating in Folgaria events

Moreover, the historic centre of Folgaria is the ideal place to discover local traditions, participating in events and manifestations that animate community life, such as costume parades and traditional festivals.

For example, celebrating the Folgaria Carnival with parades, masks and shows for the whole family is a typical Alpe Cimbra event.

Also not to be missed are the Christmas markets, which animate the historic centre of Folgaria with lights, colours and Christmas scents, offering the opportunity to buy handicrafts and taste the specialities of the period.

In addition to participating in all these events and happenings, you could also try taking part in a fun après ski on the slopes of the ski resort.

folgaria what to do

5. Taste the food of Trentino

Speaking of enjoying the specialities of the period, Trentino is a region in Italy known for its unique and varied culinary tradition. Folgaria, too, therefore offers a wide choice of local specialities to try:

  • One of the most typical dishes of the area is “polenta e spuntature“, a polenta dish accompanied by pieces of slowly cooked meat.
  • Another local speciality is “carne salada“, a salted and seasoned meat that is served as an appetiser or as the main ingredient of a sandwich.
  • Trentino is also famous for its cheese, including “formaggio di malga“, a cheese produced in the high mountains that has an intense and unique flavour.
  • Finally, we cannot forget the “torta di fregoloti“, a cake made with puff pastry and filled with apples, pine nuts, sultanas and cinnamon, a perfect dessert for those who love the authentic flavours of Trentino tradition.

6. Taking a walk at Lake Lavarone

Taking a walk around Lake Lavarone, in the Folgaria area, in the province of Trento, is an experience worthwhile to admire the natural beauty of the area.

The lake, located at an altitude of about 1,100 metres, is surrounded by coniferous forests and mountains, which create a picturesque and peaceful atmosphere, also thanks to the numerous viewpoints from which the surrounding mountain peaks can be admired.

The walk around the lake is very easy and accessible to all, about 3 kilometres long, and is an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature and relax. On the way, one can admire the crystal-clear waters of the lake and the animals that inhabit the area, such as swans and ducks.

In summary, walking around Lake Lavarone is a relaxing and evocative experience that we at Snowit recommend to anyone who wants to spend time immersed in the nature and beauty of Trentino.

folgaria what to do

7. Visiting Fort Cherle in Folgaria

Visiting Forte Cherle in Folgaria is a unique experience to discover the history and culture of the area. The fort, built in 1908, is strategically located on the top of a hill at an altitude of about 1400 metres and was used as an observation and defence point during the First World War.

Today, the fort has been restored and turned into a museum that tells the life of the soldiers during the conflict and the history of the Folgaria area. During the visit, you can explore the galleries and rooms of the fort, admire the objects and uniforms of the time, and see the privileged position from which the soldiers controlled the surrounding area.

Moreover, from the fort’s terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains and valley below.

Forte Cherle is therefore a place that combines history, culture and nature, and a visit is recommended for all those who want to discover the beauty and richness of Trentino’s historical and cultural heritage.

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Have you seen all the things to do in the mountains in Trentino? Have we convinced you to visit this beautiful mountain resort? What are you waiting for?

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