The new Oakley 2022/23 collection: the result of Design and Innovation, Snowiters proof

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Oakley amazes us with its new 2022/23 snow collection inspired by team athletes. Discover the season's novelties too!
Collezione Neve Oakley 2022/23
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Dear snow fans, in our social columns and in our magazine we have told you a lot about snow gear and today we come back to you with what we think is a super collection.

Let’s talk about Oakley’s Neve 2022/23 collection, launched at the beginning of this winter season, which is proving to be a big hit among mountain enthusiasts. We at Snowit tried it out for you and want to tell you about our experience here. Are you curious to know what we think about it?

We are sure you are already very familiar with the Oakley brand, but we want to refresh your memory. Oakley was born in 1975 in California, in the garage of visionary founder James Jannard,who began by designing grips for dirt bikes.

In the years to follow, the brand would evolve, driven by continuous innovation, until it came to sunglasses, which would be worn by some of the greatest athletes of the last 50 years, becoming an essential garment in and out of sports competitions.

Oakley today is one of the world’s leading brands in product design and high-performance sports eyewear, but what is the secret behind this achievement?

We’ll tell you in a few words:

  • science and technological innovation
  • endurance and performance
  • comfort and style
Oakley 2022 snow collection

A new Oakley collection inspired by top ski and snowboard

Even in the 2022/23 snow collection Oakleyremains true to its values, wowing the audience of passionate snowboarders and skiers as always. For the current season, Oakley has come up with a collection designed together with some of its athletes: the Oakley Team.

Are you curious to know the name of the 5 athletes who inspired the collection? We present them to you:

  • Mikaela Shiffrin, with her 85 Alpine Ski World Cup victories.
  • Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, winner of two Olympic medals
  • Jamie Anderson, triple Olympic snowboarding medalist
  • Sage Kotsenburg, lifelong snowboarder as a freerider
  • Ståle Sandbech, fearless pro of big air, halfpipe and slopestyle

With the goal of helping sportsmen and women be themselves at all times, Oakley combines functionality and aesthetics, resulting in a product that is unique and studied in detail. This collection was born from the continuous research of technologies and functionality also suggested by the athletes themselves, to create products with a unique design both on the slope and in everyday life, with high-performance technical materials.

Here is the new Oakley 2022 snow collection, with a range of products created specifically to cope with even the most challenging days on the snow.

Oakley 2022 snow collection

Aim for the ultimate with the range inspired by Ståle Sandbech

Among other products, last week on the Presena glacier we at Snowit wanted to test for you the range created together with Ståle Sandbech, snowboarder winner of 6 X Games medals and Olympic silver medalist. His unmistakable style has inspired a sports collection that includes products dedicated to outdoor sports, suitable for those who always want to aim for the top. In particular, we want to recommend the product that has been a revolution for us: the Line Miner goggle from the Signature series with Prizm Black Iridium lens. For those familiar with Oakley products, you will notice a connection to past collections. In fact, Sandbech updated the previous model with a new crackle print and stretch band, in a palette of original colors, and skull-shaped logos to recall Oakley’s brand history.

Oakley Stale Sandbech collection

In addition to a truly unique and unmistakable design, its technical features left us stunned. We started our ski trip with cloudy skies and poor visibility. The skies then thankfully opened up and we were accompanied by beautiful full sunshine until the end of the day. All the while the Line Miner goggle, with its Prizm Black Iridium lenses, enhanced color contrast while skiing, and was performance in all light conditions. performance in all lighting conditions. In fact, Prizm lens technology is the result of decades of cutting-edge testing conducted by Oakley in the lab and in the field.Prizm greatly refines details, ensuring perfect color calibration-a feature designed especially for specific environments, such as on snow, because it adjusts colors and helps eliminate distractions.

We also confirm the extreme comfort of the mask, which adapted perfectly to all types of faces, ensuring a perfect fit.

What else to tell you but that this mask is Snowiters-proof!

Are you curious to try it out?

Visit the Oakley website and find out how to complete your snow kit with other products from Sandbech’s line-with helmets, jackets, pants, vests, and other snow accessories.

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