Mountain films (and documentaries): the 5 Netflix must-sees

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Netflix night? Discover the 5 documentaries and films about mountains that you absolutely must see if you are a true mountain lover.
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Do you want to experience the emotions that only the mountains can give you from your sofa at home? Then you really can’t miss these 5 incredible mountain films about impossible explorations, unique feats and mountains of deadly beauty.

1. 14 Peaks: Nothing is impossible

mountain film Netflix: 14 Peaks

When the impossible becomes possible, it is only thanks to the will of a man who has never succumbed to the difficulties of this challenge on the borderline between life and death.

14 Peaks will take you to the top of each of the world’s 14 highest peaks, the only peaks above 8000. You will discover a story not only of man’s revenge on the mountain, in one of the most difficult expeditions ever undertaken by man, but also the revenge of a people and a country that still has everything to give to the world and so much of itself to discover, Nepal.

Nims Purja, a man and a goal clearer than the sun: to summit every highest and most dangerous peak in the world in just seven months (becoming the best since Kukuczka, who managed it in just eight years). And also to show that Nepal, and its incredible people, can make a difference, affirming their name and value around the world.

A mountain movie where complex lives, love of the mountains, patriotism, brotherhood and challenges greater than man become reality, giving unique emotions to us, the viewers of this incredible journey.

2. Everest 1996

Netflix mountain films: Everest

Everest: the highest peak in the world and not only that, also the most coveted peak for all climbers. This mountain is able to fascinate and bewitch most, leading them to undertake a journey, often a one-way trip, to one of the most difficult peaks that man can reach.

Everest is the story of how apparently distant lives, so different from each other, can meet in one of the most extreme situations for mankind, leading each of them to risk even everything.

When it comes to standing on top of the world’s highest peak, nothing is taken for granted, every detail, every moment, every person can make a difference.

This true story deals with many aspects that this dangerous summit hides, not only the labours of men, but also their desires, their greed and their tenacity when playing the game of life and death.

A story not to be missed and one of the best mountain films in the beautiful Himalayas.

3. Jurek


Jurek: the truest and rawest mountain film ever. An incredible story featuring Jerzy “Jurek” Kukuczka, the father of extreme mountaineering and eternal rival of the great Italian mountaineer Messner.

This film is able to bring to light the most intimate story of a great man who in his simplicity and tenacity has gave it his all on the riskiest mountains in the world,carried away by his genuine love and incredible passion for mountaineering, at a time when these impressive peaks could only be dreamt of.

The story of his life is told to us by his wife, by those who believed in him, and by those who accompanied him on his reckless adventures and, above all, by those who were there until the very end, revealing the truest side of a man who seems almost supernatural.

A simply true story of joys, sorrows, fears, expectations and much more, in a Poland that still had everything to realise.

4. The summit of the gods

the summit of the mountain film gods

An unexpected animated film that between twist and turns and moments of delicate introspection will know how to involve you and keep you glued to the screen until the end.

How far can man push physical limits, but more importantly, why is man constantly searching for the highest peaks to reach? Why set yourself increasingly difficult challenges, even risking your life? Is it a matter of glory, of fame, of necessity? These are some of the questions to which ‘The Summit of the Gods’ wants to try and give an explanation.

The film transports us into the midst of an exploration, not only of reality, but also into the interiority of the narrator, in search of answers to these great questions and the deepest motive that drives every man to always go beyond all limits, all rational reason.

The story is told through the eyes of Fukamachi, a photojournalist and mountaineer who, on his quest for proof of the first real climber to reach the summit of Everest, comes across the story of a well-known climber who has long since disappeared, shrouded in mystery, painting an enigma that remains to be discovered.

5. Ascension

The Ascension

Can a true beginner really reach the summit of Everest?

It all starts almost as a joke, a joke between guys, but one that Samy takes very seriously in order to win his beautiful Nadia.

And so it is that Samy, a total mountain inexpert, decides to set off for the highest peak in the world, knowing practically nothing about it.

His journey will be supported and narrated by a sponsor and a local radio station that does a daily commentary on Samy’s itinerary, accompanying him to the summit of Mount Everest, in a grotesque feat at the limits of human possibilities.

A story of love, courage, protest and rebellion, and above all a true story that makes Samy a symbol for the black people who are not represented at all in the mountain world.

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