Ideal snowboard suit: style and performance on board

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Ready to brave the cold with the perfect snowboard suit? All Snowit's tips for choosing the right one.
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A snowboard suit is a garment that not only provides protection against snow and moisture, but also represents the perfect balance of comfort, style and performance.

If you’re looking for tips on choosing the perfect snowboard suit, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the key elements to consider when selecting your next snowboard suit, ensuring comfort and performance on snow.

From waterproofing to breathability to the right balance of thermal layers, we will provide essential information to help you make the decision on the right gear for your needs.

Snowboard suit: how to dress in the snow

The three-layer rule is fundamental to maximizing comfort and performance while wearing a snowboard suit. This principle is based on the idea of wearing three distinct layers:

  1. The first layer, or baselayer, has the function of absorbing body moisture, keeping the skin dry. The main garments are thermal jersey and pants, and socks preferably made of cotton or meraklon;
  2. The second layer, known as a midlayer, is intended to retain body heat, ensuring that the body stays warm in adverse weather conditions. We recommend, therefore, that you use sweatshirts made of wool or fleece;
  3. the third layer, also called the outlayer, features a jacket, pants and gloves, and is the final barrier against wind, snow and outside moisture. The material that most closely matches these characteristics is Gore-Tex.
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Choosing breathable, technologically advanced materials for each layer is essential to ensure a comfortable and safe snowboarding experience. Adopting the three-layer rule allows you to easily adapt to changing weather conditions on the slopes, providing the protection you need without compromising freedom of movement.

How to choose the ideal snowboard suit

Choosing your snowboarding suit is crucial to fully enjoying your experience on the slopes. When choosing a snowboard suit, several factors play a crucial role in ensuring optimal comfort and performance on snowy slopes.

  • Fit is key: a suit that is too tight limits movement, while one that is too loose compromises protection;
  • Technical, breathable materials are essential to keep the body dry and regulate temperature;
  • Snow and water resistance, and waterproof pockets and zippers add essential functionality;
  • Personal style and aesthetic preferences help find that perfect combination of functionality and looks.

The features of the snowboard suit

In order to choose the perfect snowboard suit for you, you need to consider 3 purchase criteria: waterproofness, breathability and warmth.

Waterproofness and Waterproof Rating

Waterproofness of the snowboard suit refers to the ability of the material to protect against any water infiltration. This parameter is evaluated through the waterproof rating, a measurement that indicates the fabric’s level of waterproofing and its resistance to liquids.

When there is plenty of snow, it is advisable to opt for a suit with a high waterproof rating (above 10,000 mm) to ensure greater water resistance. On the other hand, during the spring season, you can choose a lighter snowboard suit with a lower rating (below 10,000 mm).

snowboarder sitting on snow

This flexibility allows you to tailor your choice of suit to specific weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance on snow at all times.


Breathability of a snowboard suit is as important as water resistance. This parameter indicates the fabric’s ability to let out water vapor produced by the body, thus maintaining thermal comfort.

Measured through the breathability rating, good breathability ensures that sweat does not get trapped under the fabric, preventing wet and cold sensations, irritation, thus allowing sweat to dry quickly.


Choosing a snowboard suit is not only about style and comfort, but also about the ability to keep you warm. The suit’s thermal performance is often evaluated through the use of insulating layers and fabrics that can retain body heat.

To get a better performing garment, consider suits with ventilation pockets. These are zippered pockets that allow water vapor to escape.

Materials such as polyester or nylon can provide insulation without adding excessive weight, while fleece or down lining can provide an extra layer of warmth without compromising freedom of movement.

Opting for a suit with an appropriate balance of thermal insulation and breathability is critical to staying comfortable and protected even against muscle strains as you face the cold weather.

The best snowboard suits: where to buy them and costs

Before buying a snowboard suit, carefully consider your needs, experience level and available budget before making your final choice.

Turn to specialized sporting goods stores or explore online platforms dedicated to winter sports clothing. These places offer a wide range of brands and models, allowing you to compare features and find the best fit for your needs. Keep in mind that quality is a key element to consider, as a good quality snowboard suit is a lasting investment.

Choosing between full or two-piece suits, considering the brand, age and gender of the snowboarder, and the presence of accessories, is another important aspect.

group of snowboarders in a snowboard suit

By carefully analyzing your priorities in terms of waterproofing, breathability, and thermal insulation, you will be able to identify the most suitable product.

When it comes to budget, consider offers that reflect your needs without compromising on quality. Snowboard suit prices can vary widely, with affordable options around €100-200 and more advanced solutions that can exceed €500.

Surf the snow with Snowit

Remember, investing in a quality garment not only ensures protection, but also amplifies the enjoyment of every moment spent in the snow.

Now that you have the information you need, why not make the experience complete by renting the right equipment? With Snowit, you can rent the best and most appropriate equipment for you at participating rental centers.

Make sure you have the right equipment, the most comfortable suit and surf the snow with Snowit!

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