Aosta Valley: a destination to discover

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If you are deciding where to spend your next day in the snow, we recommend you the Aosta Valley. Find out why here!
Valle d'Aosta - Monte Cervino
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Are you looking for a breathtaking destination for your skiing days? Finding the most suitable destination is not easy, especially when you don’t have the option of a classic week and have to take advantage of the weekends to enjoy the beauty of the snow-capped mountains.

Are you wondering what would be a suitable destination for a day trip or a two-day trip? The answer is simpler than you think: the Aosta Valley.

But here’s why you should choose it as the destination for your snow days!

Skiing in Valle d'Aosta

Its slopes

The Aosta Valley offers a wide choice of ski slopes suitable for everyone: no matter whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will still have a fantastic experience and will be able to enjoy yourself on the pistes best suited to your level.

Its comfort

Whatever your starting city is, getting to the slopes in the Aosta Valley will be quick and easy. You’ll drive along the highway to Aosta and then you’ll don’t know what to choose for your favourite slopes between La Thuile, Champoluc, Courmayeur, Pila and many more!

Its activities

Skiing in Valle d’Aosta allows you to enjoy wonderful days on the ski slopes, but also to visit castles, relax at spas and taste a multitude of incredible traditional dishes.

Safe skiing with Snowcare in the Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley is an all-round destination, but that’s not all! 20 years ago, right here, Snowcare was born, the insurance company dedicated to skiers and snowboarders that to date insures more than one million ski days.

The first cutting edge resort to offer an insurance product directly with the skipass was Cervinia, which led the way for the major Alpine resorts.

valle d'aosta to be discovered

Compulsory insurance on the slopes

As for Italy entirely, also in Valle d’Aosta from 1 January 2022 liability insurance is compulsory on the ski slopes, to protect skiers and snowboarders from any damage caused, in the event of a collision, to both persons and third party property.

But that’s not everything! Snowcare also protects snow lovers from other unforeseen expenses that can ruin a winter holiday:

  • legal protection that protects in the event of disputes;
  • rescue costs on the Italian slopes in those locations where rescue on the slopes is paid for;
  • rescue costs on foreign slopes where you can also ski across borders;
  • reimbursement of ski passes, rentals and ski lessons not taken due to an accident.

We at Snowit have chosen Snowcare as our insurance partner to protect your days in the snow!

Buy your skipass on Snowit or request a tailor-made quote for yourself and add Snowcare insurance from €2.50, it will be activated in 20 minutes and will save you from signing forms and queuing at the cash desk.

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