Safety on the slopes: snowcare insurance takes care of it

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Adding ski insurance to your ski pass has never been easier: discover Snowcare insurance!
snowcare 24hassistance insurance
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Skiing and snowboarding provide an explosive mix of absolute freedom: speed on snow, freeride skiing, carving and stunts. It’s all fun, rewarding and adrenaline-packed, but safety can’t take a back seat.

Now, ski liability insurance has become mandatory, but don’t panic! Check out 24hassistance‘s solution to ensure daily peace of mind with just a few clicks. Safety has never been so easily at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for the safest, most comprehensive and convenient ski insurance to enjoy your days on the snow without a care in the world, then you’re on the right article!

Snowcare: ski and snowboard insurance just a click away!

Each year, 24hassistance’s Snowcare insurance protects more than one million skiers in the event of an accident and/or injury on skis and snowboards.

Snowcare is the most popular insurance policy in Europe, the first that you can buy even for a single day and conveniently add during the purchase of your ski pass from 3€.

snowcare ski insurance 24hassistance

Why choose Snowcare? It is the complete insurance, simple, fast and cheap. Protect yourself in the snow with a step that makes all the difference: ski insurance, your guarantee of safety on every descent!

Snowcare insurance guarantees and coverage

For comprehensive coverage, choose the Snowcare guarantee package best suited to your needs to protect you in case of accident, injury and illness on skis and snowboards.

In addition to liability for damage caused to property and third parties, the Snowcare insurance policy covers:

  • Legal protection
  • Emergency medical expenses, incurred immediately and on the track at the scene of the accident.
  • Driver at your disposal
  • Rescue on Italian and foreign slopes
  • Ski pass cancellation (named or photo) not enjoyed due to injury, illness or quarantine
  • Lesson and/or rental cancellation
  • Health Re-entry

All insurance conditions can be found at

Find out how to get your instant insurance

In addition to on-site at authorized partners, you can purchase your policy conveniently online at Calculate your quote and get your policy issued instantly, without filling out any forms or presenting any documents.

Buy Snowcare insurance along with your ski pass on Snowit

To make your experience on the slopes truly extraordinary, we recommend that you supplement your insurance directly with the purchase of your ski pass.

At or on the Snowit app, you can easily purchase your ski pass online and add Snowcare insurance from just €3 during purchase. In a matter of minutes, the insurance will be activated along with your ski pass, providing you with prompt and comprehensive coverage as you prepare to glide down the slopes.

So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t get any easier than Snowcare, the mountains are waiting for you!

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