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Are you a mountain and mountain biking enthusiast? Curious to know all the secrets for a perfect mountain bike trip?
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Mountain biking trips allow you to explore the natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes that nature has to offer and thus experience an unforgettable adventure on your own bike.

If you are a skiing enthusiast and, apart from trying summer skiing in Italy, you don’t know what to do in the warmer seasons, a bike trip may be the best solution.

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast or simply a lover of outdoor adventure in the mountains, mountain biking trips offer the opportunity to explore unique places, discover scenic trails and immerse yourself in the culture and tradition of different Italian regions.

In this article, we will explore not only the physical preparation required for such cycling trips, but also the essential things to take with you to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

In addition to exploring which are the best bike routes, we will introduce you to Bikeit, a simple and fast platform, which was born out of Snowit‘s experience and centralises the world’s best bike routes. Bikeit allows you to organise a complete cycling holiday package, with hotel, luggage transport and much more included in the price, both in Italy and abroad.

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Everything you need to know before a mountain bike trip

Before embarking on an exciting mountain bike journey through the wonders of Italy and overseas, it is important to be properly prepared.

1. Physical preparation

First of all, it is essential to assess your level of physical fitness. Mountain biking can be challenging, requiring stamina, strength and agility.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with easier routes and gradually increase the challenge as you gain confidence and physical condition. Conversely, if you are an experienced cyclist, you can dare with more technical and adventurous routes. But rest assured, because on Bikeit you can find both more challenging and easier routes, depending on your level of fitness.

In any case, before embarking on any cycling trip, it is advisable to do some preparatory rides on trails similar to those you will face during the trip, in order to gain confidence and familiarity with the bike.

In addition, your physical training can include cardiovascular training to increase endurance, strength training to improve leg power and flexibility to reduce the risk of injury.

2. The travel kit for mountain biking

In addition to the exciting sense of freedom that comes with cycling, the cyclist also faces unique challenges, such as managing limited space and adapting to different weather and environmental conditions along the way. A well-planned and carefully curated travel kit can make the difference between an adventurous trip and a tiring struggle against the unexpected.

According to us at Snowit and Bikeit, the essential travel kit for your cycling holiday includes:

  1. Repair Kit
  2. Route map
  3. Mobile Phone and Power Bank
  4. First aid kit and sun cream
  5. A lot of water
  6. Money
  7. Wind jacket
  8. Padlock
  9. A friend with the same passion as you

Bikeit’s best mountain bike routes

Bikeit, the renowned online booking platform for cycling trips, offers an outstanding selection of mountain bike routes that will blow your mind.

Among its gems are the spectacular Via Lattea routes in Sestriere and Claviere, but also exciting adventures in Tunisia and Morocco.

1. Weekend Vialattea

Immersed in the majesty of the Italian Alps, the Via Lattea trails in Sestriere and Claviere capture the soul of adventurous cyclists. Through breathtaking landscapes, you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, tackling unparalleled trails and panoramas. The fresh mountain air and the sound of the wheels on the beaten earth will give you a feeling of absolute freedom as you pedal towards unparalleled destinations.



Treat yourself to a weekend of two-wheel adventure in Sestriere, immersing yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the majestic Cottian Alps. There are numerous routes in the area that you can experience on your bike.

In the direction of Cima Bosco is one of the most classic and enchanting tours for mountain bikers. The start is from the mouth of the Argentera Valley, tackling a challenging climb on an unpaved road that leads towards the majesty of Cima del Bosco.

The subsequent descent offers the thrill of walking a magnificent technical trail through the picturesque Thures Valley. Once Rhuilles is reached, there will be a fast and fun descent to Cesana Torinese.

For the second day, you can explore the wonders surrounding Sestriere, discovering the historic cable cars of the 1930s that started the epic of Alpine skiing on the Col. Right here, you will have the opportunity to see a breathtaking view at an altitude of 2600 metres above sea level!

Book now your Weekend by Bike in Vialattea in Sestriere with Bikeit.


Also in this cycling trip package with Bikeit you will be able to choose from numerous routes available around the Claviere area.

One of the routes that we recommend if you are a mountain bike enthusiast is the Clavierissima, a trail of about 20 km, with 1070 m of positive altitude difference. The Clavierissima route is considered one of the most beautiful in the Coppa Piemonte MTB circuit.

You will be immersed in lush landscapes, cross ancient military routes and have the opportunity to visit the impressive Janus Fort. You can also follow the Chenaillet geological trail along the coast and return to Claviere via the beautiful Lake of the 7 Colours.

This is just one of the many routes that can be taken in the Claviere area, but if you are curious about the others recommended and would like to set out to discover the Cottian Alps, book a Weekend by Bike in Vialattea in Claverie.

2. Weekend in Bormio

Bormio, besides being a popular location for skiing, is also half known for unique mountain biking trips, thanks to the beautiful scenery, including mountains and lakes, and the gastronomic delicacies that Valtellina has to offer.

Explore the beautiful town of Bormio and the picturesque Valtellina with the E-Vai transport service and experience an unforgettable two-day, one-night weekend immersed in its beauty. Follow daisy-shaped itineraries starting from your hotel in Bormio.

During the first day you will have several options to enjoy the wonders of Bormio and its surroundings. You can choose to relax at the renowned QC Terme, where you can enjoy a wellness and relaxing experience. Or you can treat yourself to a traditional lunch of Pizzoccheri and Valtellina bresaola, typical dishes that will give you a taste of authentic local cuisine. If, on the other hand, you want a more active experience, you can take a bicycle and follow an easy route in the area, exploring the surroundings of Bormio on your bike.

On the second day, we recommend you follow the banks of the Adda River and follow the scenic winding roads that will lead you to the Torri di Fraele. From there, you can continue the ascent to the picturesque Cancano Lakes, where you can immerse yourself in the surrounding nature and pay a visit to the picturesque St James’ Church. Finally, you can descend again towards Bormio, thus concluding your adventure weekend.

Book your Weekend in Bormio now with E-Vai car rent.

If you are still not convinced that Bormio is the right destination for you, because you think there is not enough fun to be had here, see all the things to do in Bormio.

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3. The Tunisian Desert

If, on the other hand, you are looking for unique experiences off the beaten track, Bikeit will surprise you with adventures in the Tunisian Desert. The combination of spectacular desert landscapes, a warm climate and unparalleled hospitality will make your mountain biking trip an unforgettable experience.

The complete package that Bikeit recommends you includes a bike trip of about 400 km in total, divided into 7 days, where the real protagonist is the desert with its boundless dunes. Along the route, you will have the opportunity to relax on the banks of a Chott (salt lake), dive into the waters of an oasis surrounded by palm trees and enjoy many other activities on your bike.

The planned route starts from the landing in Tunis and ends in Ksar Hallouf, with a final transfer to Tunis airport. A vehicle from the organisation will take you from Hammamet to the starting point of the ride. From there, you will cross a Chott and cycle to Matmata, famous for being one of the sets of Star Wars. Continue to the Ksar Ghilane Oasis, near the dunes of the Eastern Grand Erg. Afterwards, you will visit the village of Douiret with its troglodyte houses and the museum of Berber traditions. Finally, you will reach the incredible Ksar Hallouf to spend the night among bivouacs and caves. You will return to Tunis using the organisation’s means for your return flight.

4. Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains

On this guided tour of 360 km divided into 8 days, accompanied by an expert guide, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the wildest regions of one of the most fascinating and enigmatic countries in North Africa: Morocco. Departing from Marrakech, you will head south to Agdz, then ascend to Agoudal and continue southwest towards Skoura. Upon check-in, you will be provided with travel documents containing all route options. This itinerary includes luggage transport from one stage to another and you have the option of renting a bicycle or bringing your own.

Book your cycling trip to Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains now.

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Book your bike trip with Bikeit

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a mountain biker looking for new adventures, Bikeit’s best biking routes will give you the opportunity to experience exciting outdoor adventures and explore extraordinary places.

Get ready to cycle along unique trails, admire spectacular views and be captivated by the incredible beauty of the mountains and cultures you will cross along the way. Bikeit is ready to make your biking experience unforgettable and Snowit will make your mountain holiday perfect.

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