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Do you dream of connecting your brand with the world of mountain enthusiasts?

With Snowit it is easy to get all the way to the top:

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Snowit has a large community of hyper-profiled users who are passionate about winter and mountain sports


Registered site users


Unique visitors per month on website and app


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Through our website and app we have unique and contextual information about our users: we know their favorite ski resorts, their habits, when they prefer to ski, and when they plan a ski vacation and the exact time they are skiing.

Our target audience

In a market as vast as it is important in the Italian landscape, it is essential to know the habits and desires of our skiers and to have the right tools to communicate with them.

Passionate about winter sports
20-45 years old
70% men - 30% women
Inclined to digitization
High spending capacity

What can we do for your business?

We at Snowit speak the same language as skiers and mountain enthusiasts and can connect you with all of them.
We are a team of digital marketing experts and together we will create a customized marketing project that enhances your brand and products, increasing your brand awareness and generating engagement in our community of hyper profiled users.

The services of the marketing agency Snowit

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5 good reasons for choosing Snowit

Thanks to our marketplace, we have contextual data: we know our users, their skiing habits and preferences

We know our hyper-profiled target audience well: the typical user is young, sports enthusiast and digitized

We are in daily contact with our community: we create engagement and are united by the same passion

Our vertical positioning on the winter world makes us the one-stop shop for skiers and snowboarders

A team of digital experts is continuously available to the client to create the best and effective marketing strategy

Some success stories

Contextual digital campaigns

Paid digital campaigns were activated on hyper-profiled users, reaching 3M users who made purchases and/or visited the Snowit site in the 20 days prior to the campaign display.

SEO optimized editorial content

Promotion of Rossignol boots through blog articles reached 200,000 unique target users.

Sweepstakes on loyal audience

Visa customers were able to purchase their ski vacation by taking advantage of a 15% discount code for one month. Total penetration in the Visa card payment season increased by 33 percent.

The companies that have chosen us

These are just a few activities with which we can communicate your brand. Learn more about the Snowit world and what we can create together.

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Logo Garmin
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Logo Audi
Logo Aperol Spritz
Logo Emporio Armani
Logo Kappa
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