Ski and snowboard insurance can be purchased online with the skipass

Snowcare is the most popular ski and snowboard insurance policy from 24hassistance in Europe. It is the first ski and snowboard liability (third party liability) insurance policy, which you can buy even for a single day and conveniently add during the purchase of your ski pass on Snowit.

Buy your skipass at Snowit and protect yourself and others for only €3 per day!

assicurazione sci snowboard

Liability insurance is compulsory on the ski slopes

Please note that ski and snowboard insurance is compulsory on the slopes, as it protects you both personally and from any damage caused to others. Moreover, the lack of this coverage could lead to heavy penalties.

Always keep your skipass: the insurance is linked to your ski pass and is only valid in the event of a request for piste rescue at the location of the accident.

Comprehensive, simple and inexpensive ski and snowboard insurance


The insurance guarantees of the Snowcare policy protect and compensate yourself and others in case of accident, injury and illness.

Quick and easy

Conveniently add insurance when you buy your skipass. In the event of an accident, the piste rescue service will check whether you have it.


Add for only €3 per day the most comprehensive ski and snowboard insurance on the market directly when purchasing your skipass

What is included in the insurance cover?


Limits of coverage

Third-party liability for personal injury and property damage
150.000€ personal injury
10.000€ damage to property
Fixed deductible €500 Excess 10%.
Legal protection
Emergency medical expenses
Only costs incurred in the immediate aftermath of the accident, only in the event of the intervention of the piste rescue service at the scene of the accident, are taken into account
Exclusively at affiliated health facilities
Driver at your disposal
Full cost
Rescue on Italian slopes
Only in the case of piste rescue services at the scene of the accident
250€ on the slope
1000€ in a helicopter
Rescue on foreign slopes
Only in the case of piste rescue services at the scene of the accident
400€ on track
5,000€ in a helicopter
Unused ski pass cancellation due to accident, illness or quarantine
Valid only with named or photo ski passes
Unused quota
Lesson cancellation and/or ski equipment hire due to injury
Valid only with named or photo ski passes
Fixed deductible € 500
Health Re-entry
Valid only with named or photo ski passes

Quick and easy procedure for opening a claim

With Snowcare, reporting a claim is quick and easy!

Thanks to the ‘Submit a claim’ procedure, you can claim your guarantees in a few steps online, in just a few clicks and without stress.

Annual Multisport Insurance

Multisport is the only insurance that protects you and those around you (RC) while doing any kind of sport anywhere in the world.

It costs less than a ski policy and insures you for all sports.

Annual Individual Multisport Insurance

Subscribe for only €46

Annual Multisport Family Insurance

Subscribe for only €93

Request a customised quote

If you wish not to purchase the insurance together with your ski pass or to find a guarantee package more suited to your needs, get your free quote on Snowcare:

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